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Classic 140 grahm black vinyl. digital download included. Hand silkscreened beautiful cover. Lyric sheet, stickers
$15 Includes digital download card

The concept: One instrument per song, no instrument can be used twice.  This album was the simplest idea, and took longer than anything I've done. I want to hear the barest bones of each song.  Give me the leanest version possible.  Let me hear the pads letting gently down on the saxophone.  Let me hear your fingers slide on the cello.  Let me hear you breath, let me sit with a long pause of silence.

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This Picture is a Dream
  • This Picture is a Dream
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Collection of poems and short stories $8 This is my first book. A collection of poems and short stories.  Focusing on family, love, frustrations, and animals.  Into the third printing of 50.   A Perfect bound book from the Gorbie empire.

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Lincoln City Feb. 2024

my little family

March 10th 2024

Leaf blowers and roudabouts will be the death of me. So many evil eyes and disgusted head shakes, you know the head shake I'm talking about right? "You're ruining it dummies" "You're making everything worse................DUMMIES!  
And time is taking its toll. Trying my damndest to keep the grumpy old man from taking over.  I lose, I win, I lose, I win.

The new album is mixed. I'm very happy with it, might even be a double album in the works. I've recored enough material for that. Maybe a companion CD? 
This record has taken way too long, and at times I feared it was dying on the vine. I found myself blaming others: Not making it to a recording session or not having their parts ready etc.
Naturally it was all designed to give me an out, a reason to not have to worry about really putting the record out. Recording was fun, and the doing is safe, no proving to the world (or me really) that I'm worthy. Honestly releasing my next record scares me. Can I find the energy to make another run? I'm trying hard to not slip in to self pity here. Promoting a show, selling records, trying to get reviews, etc. I'm getting older (or golder) and the business of putting a record out is wearing me out.

Snow day January 13th 2024

January 14th 2023
I like the silence that happens in the morning. It happens, and is most notable, when I turn off the coffee grinder. The deep industrial bean grinding sound stops, and then silence. Now it was always there, but now it takes center stage. Now this morning it's 20 something degrees, and looking outside it's white and blue and unforgiving. I think of the sheer toughness of all the wild animals that can endure a night in this. Reminds me the simple squirrel is tougher than any of us. But I digress, back to the silence. Now some sounds will creep back in, but that initial drop in audible sound is something I love. At that moment it crosses my mind to put on some music, but then I think, quiet for now, just a few minutes, then music, something ambient maybe?
Some very small sounds emerge,  wind through the frozen branches, the heat blowing from our ductless heating system, Amber moving in the bed (the sound of not being lonely), a car goes by, a small bird lands on the porch. Small, pleasant sounds, but very quiet still. Being snowed in doesn't completely suck, a snow day is good, if you got nothing to do or no place to be.
A slight dread ping hits my gut when I think of Monday, and everyone with someplace to go or something to do, sallying forth into the mess.

It comes pretty quick, getting old, the real changes, the noticeable things that are new and permanent. The first thing I noticed was my elbows. They took on a bonier, leathery look. I not sure you can turn that one around (that's what I mean by permanent.) Then I noticed my legs. I would see certain angle in reflections, while walking down the street, my legs just looked skinnier, again I come back to bony. My legs have lost a small amount of vitality that can only be seen in a young mans legs. Now I've always had skinny legs (mans curse) but they still had muscles, and were long and seemed to fit into my whole body better, now they look like they've lost a step to my upper body. I still have a job that keeps me using my legs, and I still ride my bike (weather permitting) so I've not lost lots of muscle tone, but there is something in the way they look that tells me I can work out all I want, ride my bike everyday, and they're still going to look like an older mans legs. This is also combined with a very slight bend in my posture. It's barely noticeable, but I notice it. I also notice that I tend to have dark circles, and more wrinkles under my eyes. A few weeks of long work days, a couple shows at night, some promo for event, and recording, and all the stress that I give myself around it all, will put old all over me. A couple days of rest would usually make the old go away, but the old man is staying around much longer these days. He is coming home to stay, and I just need to work on taking care of him, and accepting him as he evolves and grows in way I can't predict. 

The Jimmies add on more show to the Countdown reunion tour



October 15th 2023

Always working, Always worrying

This poster is for an event that is in the "still planning stages" The title "PNW RECORD LABEL FEST" is really just a working title, though we may use it. I had the idea a while back for something that would bring local record labels together for a day. Something resembling a holiday bizarre, but with records, and live music, and no Santa (though I'd be ok with Santa being there) Looking at having a DJ play music from the labels in attendance, then, starting at 4pm, live music. The entertainment is not all set, but we're working on it. When I say we I'm referring to Mandy Morgan at Nadine, and Veronica Avola. Together we're making this happen. What do you think of the poster? Drew it myself.

Side A of the new album is mixed. Hope to start on side B soon. I know the work awaits.

barry brusseau

Mixing has begun

Gordon and me 2023

September 3rd 2023
My friend Jake Kelly and I have started mixing the new album. The first day we were turned back because the Orati MTR-12 (mastering deck) was not calibrated properly. No big deal, my friend, reel to reel master, and radio DJ from the 70's came to the rescue, and got her up to specs! Yeah, not things are gonna start cooking......right?

Upon our next meetin, Jake and I started at the begining again. We got to our third song, and an uphill climb we had. Lots of little clicks and clacks and talking on other tracks. It provied for a real physical mixdown. Muting the viola track here, and riding the fader the fader there. It exhausted us, and we packed it in without finishing the third song.

Upon our next scheduled mixdown Jake and I arrived with fresh ears and a fresh attitude. We started by reviewing what we had done. About two minutes into the first song the second song break in, and we realized somehow we'd screwed up. Now the only answer was to start over again, from the begining, from square one.
The first song was no trouble (Halloween will open the album), then on the second song (Drift) we heard a noise. Not someone talking on a track but static. We re-mixed the song, and it was sounded real nice, but again that static sound. Turns out the analog console was having some issues, fader issues. We worked the faders and de-oxited them. This seemed to fix the problem. After adjusting the bass a little we finished song two. This took all day, and after two songs Jake and I were fiinished. Three mix sessions and two songs done. Feels like we have stumbled out of the gate, tripped a few times, and skinned up out knees.