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Classic 140 grahm black vinyl. digital download included. Hand silkscreened beautiful cover. Lyric sheet, stickers
$15 Includes digital download card

The concept: One instrument per song, no instrument can be used twice.  This album was the simplest idea, and took longer than anything I've done. I want to hear the barest bones of each song.  Give me the leanest version possible.  Let me hear the pads letting gently down on the saxophone.  Let me hear your fingers slide on the cello.  Let me hear you breath, let me sit with a long pause of silence.

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This Picture is a Dream
  • This Picture is a Dream
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Collection of poems and short stories $8 This is my first book. A collection of poems and short stories.  Focusing on family, love, frustrations, and animals.  Into the third printing of 50.   A Perfect bound book from the Gorbie empire.

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October 15th 2023

Always working, Always worrying

This poster is for an event that is in the "still planning stages" The title "PNW RECORD LABEL FEST" is really just a working title, though we may use it. I had the idea a while back for something that would bring local record labels together for a day. Something resembling a holiday bizarre, but with records, and live music, and no Santa (though I'd be ok with Santa being there) Looking at having a DJ play music from the labels in attendance, then, starting at 4pm, live music. The entertainment is not all set, but we're working on it. When I say we I'm referring to Mandy Morgan at Nadine, and Veronica Avola. Together we're making this happen. What do you think of the poster? Drew it myself.

Side A of the new album is mixed. Hope to start on side B soon. I know the work awaits.

barry brusseau

Mixing has begun

Gordon and me 2023

September 3rd 2023
My friend Jake Kelly and I have started mixing the new album. The first day we were turned back because the Orati MTR-12 (mastering deck) was not calibrated properly. No big deal, my friend, reel to reel master, and radio DJ from the 70's came to the rescue, and got her up to specs! Yeah, not things are gonna start cooking......right?

Upon our next meetin, Jake and I started at the begining again. We got to our third song, and an uphill climb we had. Lots of little clicks and clacks and talking on other tracks. It provied for a real physical mixdown. Muting the viola track here, and riding the fader the fader there. It exhausted us, and we packed it in without finishing the third song.

Upon our next scheduled mixdown Jake and I arrived with fresh ears and a fresh attitude. We started by reviewing what we had done. About two minutes into the first song the second song break in, and we realized somehow we'd screwed up. Now the only answer was to start over again, from the begining, from square one.
The first song was no trouble (Halloween will open the album), then on the second song (Drift) we heard a noise. Not someone talking on a track but static. We re-mixed the song, and it was sounded real nice, but again that static sound. Turns out the analog console was having some issues, fader issues. We worked the faders and de-oxited them. This seemed to fix the problem. After adjusting the bass a little we finished song two. This took all day, and after two songs Jake and I were fiinished. Three mix sessions and two songs done. Feels like we have stumbled out of the gate, tripped a few times, and skinned up out knees. 


JULY 16 2023,

Sitting in the middle of the burned out grass, in my backyard, surrounded by daisies and bees. The bees float over the flowers and decide. they have packs of pollen, and landing on the right yellow daisy is important. I'm sitting in a beach chair that puts me right on the ground. It's meant for the sand, but today I have decided to use it in my backyard. It puts me at the same level as my dog, and my daisies, and my bees. They buzz about and do not scare me. The stereo plays LCD Soundsystem and my wife is to my left. She sits in a regular chair, she is above me. I have begun the process of mixing my next album. I just purchased a Otari MTR 12 mastering deck. This is what I'll mix down my 8 tracks into that stereo tape for mastering. I have enough songs that I'm thinking of doing a companion CD with the vinyl. Some folks seem to think that's a bad idea: "Nobody listens to music on cd anymore" "No one even has a CD player anymore "  Any of that sound familiar?  You all enjoy the day, and try to spend it in tolerance for you fellows, and gratitude for what you have.


Stir the coffee

JUNE 10TH 2023

I stand and stir my coffee, sometimes for hours, just kidding. I do love to stir my coffee though, of that I do not kid. I like the sound of the tip of the spoon on the bottom of my cup (and the cup matters too) I first stir clockwise, and get a good swirl going, the kind that can pull a ship down to the bottom of the ocean, or into a black hole void. Then I reverse the swirl and cause all kinds of KAOS (see what I did there Get Smart fans)

I like cream in my coffee, so what, judge me. I usually like to eat something before I drink coffee. This was a habit that began when I was battling extreme panic attacks daily. I had been through the gamut of prescribed anti - depression pills and anti - anxiety pills etc. etc. I had been on Zoloft for 2 years, and though it might have had a small impact on my panic attacks, the sexual side effects, and just the dulling of my brain, was too much. So I told the doctor I was done taking pills and wanted to take my chances without. Getting of Zoloft was not easy, and I don't mean in an addict sort of way, but more in a mind, body, soul way. Then it was time for me to start changing my behaviors. One of the early ones was the way I drink coffee. I vowed to never drink coffee on an empty stomach. So I've come out the other side of my panic attacks and I sit here now drinking coffee on an empty stomach. I don't do it often, and when I do I can pay a price. Maybe I should write a big story here on my panic attack story. I'll give that some thought. Maybe a good idea to do something useful before I cancel this thing.

Have a show in Longview tonight. Will no one show up and the room be empty? or will too many show and we won't have room in the small room. We'll see, and we'll see you there!

Went to see The National last night. What a great show, those guys know how to make a set list. Played a show Friday night (Grand Head) left me blue. The ride home from Longview was melancholy, I won't bother trying to explain to you why. Got a new ribbon microphone, and have thoughts of recording days. Gonna have a new album some day. Show in Longview June 10th, trying to keep my expectations low. Hope to see you there.

I don't want to 

It seems “I don't want to” has crept into almost everything that is put on my plate. I have these scenes play out in my head all the time; I have not obligations, and I can just go for a walk, all tasks are done and I can just read a good book, I have no obligations, and can spend the day drawing, I don't have work, so I can just have a cup of coffee and water the plants, because nothing is being asked of me I can have a guilt free, do nothing day. Then when I actually have the opportunity to make real one of the above scenarios, I find myself discontent and unable to just be still. 

When it comes to work, exersize, cutting records, getting groceries, recording music, practicing music, playing shows, doing yard work, calling someone, going to an AA meeting, calling the dentist, emailing people, going to shows, etc. etc. etc. 
My first response is “I DON'T WANT TO”. Then those fantasies of free time crop into my mind, those simple moments of escape, those “do nothing” moments, and I know I suck at grasping those. Finding rest is always one step out in front of me.

I have worked and built a good life, I know that. I don't mean to sound like I'm miserable all the time, I'm not. Some of what I talk about can be called “DRIVE”, and there is some truth there, but balance is the slippery reality I can't get a hold of.  If I was ok widdling away the day in front of a TV or computer screen (phone scrolling is a disease I struggle with) then that would not be good either, but that's not really what I'm talking about. I'm not inflicted with laziness. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm just trying out this blog thing, never done it before. 

April 2nd 2023, Sunday morning.

I was planning on canceling my website. Then the moment was on me, and I had to decide. I obviously decided to pay for another year. Having a website is still something I like, though I know I don't get much traffic, and I could do better keeping it updated. Here we are in April and this is my first update since paying for another year. Because my music. "career" has never really caught fire, not in a wide world type of way, I feel this website is just a little outlet to write on when I feel the urge. I rarely have big shows to announce, or big selling singles to alert the masses of, I usually just randomly write with the attitude that no ones reading. I hope I don't sound like "poor me" here. Good old self pity does crop up though. Trust me when I say I can become a dysfunctional mess with all this me me me self centered artist shit. I guess that's one of the perks of this pursuit, it beings out all my scared little boy traits, traits that don't serve me at all anymore.  Eradicating these thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are a big part of this journey.

So glad you asked, it is coming slow, but it is coming.  While building a new album I have also been building a recording studio. While building a recording studio I have also been working a full time job. While working a full time job I have also been trying to be a husband.  While being a husband I have also been trying to play in a band with my brother  ( Grand Head) While playing in Grand Head.....well, you get it.
The album is coming along great. I started by just laying down guitar tracks, and then vocals. Then the good people I play with come one at a time to record there parts. Now of course all those people have important things going on in their lives too, so scheduling can be a challenge. I would say most of the tracks have been laid, wrapping up that process is very close.

During the recording of this album I am also learning how to properly record in the analog world. How to get to know a real recording console, and use my Otari 8 track tape deck. I'm also learning how to use hardware on the outboard and in board. This has all made the process slow, but sweet. It's going to be a wonderful album the early anyone will ever hear. Ah hell there's that self pity cropping up, I'll be right back, I need to talk with my therapist.