• QUIET PLEASE vinyl
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Classic 140 grahm black vinyl. digital download included. Hand silkscreened beautiful cover. Lyric sheet, stickers
$15 Includes digital download card

The concept: One instrument per song, no instrument can be used twice.  This album was the simplest idea, and took longer than anything I've done. I want to hear the barest bones of each song.  Give me the leanest version possible.  Let me hear the pads letting gently down on the saxophone.  Let me hear your fingers slide on the cello.  Let me hear you breath, let me sit with a long pause of silence.

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This Picture is a Dream
  • This Picture is a Dream
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Collection of poems and short stories $8 This is my first book. A collection of poems and short stories.  Focusing on family, love, frustrations, and animals.  Into the third printing of 50.   A Perfect bound book from the Gorbie empire.

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April 18th 2021

I love stiring my coffee. Made some nice demos with Brandie the other night. Weather has warmed,, and i can't put off the yard work much longer. Amber and I went for a long walk yesterday. Not sure what to do with myself.


I went to bed last night without brushing my teeth. Got up this morning and had to use a hammer to get into our recycling bin. That damn thing had been frozen shut. I had to dump out a 1 foot by 1 foot block of ice out of our glass recycling bin. I gathered up all of our plastic, glass, and garbage. Outside I took in a big lung full of the iced air. It filled my lungs and felt real good. I've had with this ice and snow, but this morning I had to do something that felt productive. I feel stagnate. Doing some small action made me feel good. Then I came inside and made coffee. Then I sat down and gave a show at updating my website.

I write feeling as though no one ever visits me. I'm not shooting for sympathy, and I'm not feeling sorry for myself. The reality is I'm a truck driver, husband, brother, son, and non touring obscure musician. My life is wonderful, but I'm a functioning manic, obsessive, unsatisfied human. 

I just got an old mono tape machine. Maybe I'll record the next record on it. It was Fred Cole's (Dead Moon.) He never had time to get the machine up and running. I'm trying to do that. Love the old stuff, but it can be a rabitt hole.

I have a batch of great new songs. We'll keep working towards the recording and release of them. However the universe decides to do that.

September 13th 2020

Do you keep the shades drawn on a day like today? I don't think so (have you heard Clem Snides new album? Forever Just Beyond? it's damn good). Should I be doing something more productuve with my life? It nags me. I take a breath, and for the last week every breath I take, brings smoke into my healthy, 55 year old, pink, lungs. You can't get away from it, the smoke, the fire, the Hell State Of Things. Driving to work all week has been like navigating Dante's Inferno. The State Of Things. 

Fire is in the hills around us, not close enough for Amber, Gordon, and I to evacuate. Close enough for folks around here to pack a bag, and I want to ignore it all. Looking out the window, and watching the news tears at my want to ignore (ignorant). No, not us, it could never happen to us. Sure those flames are in the hills around us, but a long way away.......right? We don't pack a bag. The fire is far away in the hills, but the smoke is here. It just hangs like Greg Turner at my first apartment, he who had no friends, no where else to be.

I'm off in my own head, and thinking about writing music for strings. Sure, I can write a little symphony. Oh and I'll sing behind it. A whole new album of songs with just strings and me singing. I tip my reading glasses up on my forehead and think of the possibilities. Then I lose focus and get bored.

This morning I'm making a mix tape on my reel to reel deck. I enjoy making tapes. I think it's all I want to do this morning. I've been accumulating some instrumental albums and yes some have strings. I want a tape for morning listening. Like today before my wife wakes, just sitting with my dog, writing on my little website, listening, coffee drinking. In moments like this I will water and tend to the house plants.It's at times like these, when I'm tending things, that I feel content, like this is all I need. Garden, care for something, tend things without expectations, foster peace in my mind. 

Now I tip my readers back again, and I'm off in my minds eye. In that eye I see myself in a suit, and sitting behind a piano. I'm playing with a little orchestra and everyone is amazed. Then I picture myself with a big, gray beard, and Einstein hair. I'm a composer now, leading an orchestra. Playing brilliant songs that this high school graduate, with no musical training has composed. I am revered, and loved, and admired. Then I come back to reality, slide my glasses back over my eyes, and write it all down.

And the fire is out there. The smoke is here. I've opened the blinds. With every breath I take.......................  

JULY 4TH 2020             happy 4th of July!

Not being able to play shows gives me a chance to feel what it would be like to quit playing live. Gives me a chance to give a trial ride for laying that all down. You know, trying to make something of it all, trying to achieve some status, trying to keep all the eyes on me. I think I'm already letting some of that go. I mean I'm 55. The thought reoccures to me, "it's over".   To a certain extent it is, but then again it is not.

I've started working on some stuff here at home. Working on recording new material with Brandi Starbird. She handling the viola and background vocals. We recorded three new songs last weekend. At this point I'm calling them demo's, but maybe it will be called a real album at some point. Any way we're having fun.

May 7th 2020

Coffee is good and is killing me. I snuggle up to it, hold it in both hands. I praise it, encourage it along. I can feel it eating away at my insides, weakening me, destroying me softly. I love the smell of my murderer. It makes me feel so good and is killing me. Doctor take anything you want from me, but not my coffee. Let it kill me slowly. Isn't everything killing me anyway? If not coffee, what be it? What be my murderer? Other things were killing me too fast. Taking all in an avalanch of despair. This murderer coffee, will not take me to jail, or other morally bankrupt places. Coffee still loves me and shows it in the first drink. Not a sip, but a desperate gulp. That's why I let the poison cool. Then I can take a big mouthful. Feel the love go down, and rise at your best. It makes so many promises, and then, the grand plans can begin forming, as the ground beans go to work. It Just Kills Me.