A community, A partnership. Releasing music for fun

On this page you will find releases from me (Barry Brusseau). Also you will find releases from other artist on my little "boutique" record label. I consider it a partnership and a passion. All money paid goes to the artist. All releases are made with tons of heart. "Gorbie" was my beloved dog. 



THE NEW ALBUM!*****NEW**********VINYL*****RECORD 2018

                            Only 200 copies available  

$15 Includes digital download card

The concept: One instrument per song, no instrument can be used twice.  This album was the simplest idea, and took longer than anything I've done.

I want to hear the barest bones of each song.  Give me the leanest version possible.  Let me hear the pads letting gently down on the saxophone.  Let me hear your fingers slide on the cello.  Let me hear you breath, let me sit with a long pause of silence.

This Picture is a Dream


This is my first book. A collection of poems and short stories.  Focusing on family, love, frustrations, and animals.  Into the second printing of 50.   A Perfect bound book from the Gorbie empire.

Cassette & Book combo $12

About four years ago Dao Strom (The Sea & The Mother) and I came to our agreement:  She would help edit my book of poems and short stories, and I would record her an album.  Now we've completed our agreement, and we are ready to send it out into the ether.  This combo package gives you both the cassette ep with a download card, and my book of short stories and poems.  The cassette is a beautifully made, letter pressed, artisan box.  The music is a result of taking our time, and picking our recording locations.  We recorded at my house, and in an old abandoned house full of ghostly sounds.  My book is a meditation on family, animals, and love.

The Sea & The Mother cassette EP

Recorded in a house that was falling down around us.  The songs are reflective of that ghostly, hypnotic, and dream like place.  Elements of folk, electronica, and space.  Check out Dao's website to listen The Sea & The Mother.


GRAND HEAD - Grand head LP   BUY NOW!
TEN TIMES THE THUNDER OF THE MELVINS, 66.6%  THE PERSONNEL!  Like Hellhamer from the 70's.  Two brothers out of Portland Oregon bring the doom and monster riffs with a hardcore slant.  No plodding 15 minute songs, instead this album contains 9 songs that will leave your ears bleeding in 30 minutes or less.  Raw and dripping with influences ranging from Black Flag, The Melvins, Celtic Frost, and Harvey Milk.  This is heavy on the riffs, and minimal on vocals, which sound at times like Cronos from Venom, and other times like  Jerry A from Poison Idea.   These brothers have been playing together a long time (mid 80's hardcore band Dread, and 90"s melodic punk band The Jimmies), you wont believe they make such a loud thud.  The vinyl comes with a nice pull out lyric sheet, and some rough sketch artwork from the guitarist himself. 

But it Here.

Purchase from bandcamp and get an instant album download with purchase.

The Royal Violent Birds 12'' LP-Black and White vinyl $12

This is the brand new album, and it comes with a free digital download card. Stunningly styled and themed in Black and White. Reverse board jacket feels good in your hands. Reverse board sleeve with pictures and lryics. Like a David Lynch ride, and the 1st pressing vinyl comes in gorious half black and half white. Each record had to be done by hand, and we almost missed having these beauties for the release show. A severed ear in the middle of a seemingly perfect town, but when we go deeper.......                                 Track Listing: Side a  1. Pig Frost, 2. Across The Fire, 3.The Royal Violent Birds, 4.Love and Adoration, 5.Empty Head. Side 2  1.Home Sick Yawn, 3.Plymouth Fury 73', 4.Til The Wind Blows Everything 5.Pig Frost (reprise) 

"A Night Goes Through" 12' LP

1st Pressing contains a full digital download for entire album with 2 bonus songs. Traditional black 140 gram vinyl, with hand packaged and signed envelope containing 10 postcard sized cards. Each card has an image that is matched with the lyrics on the back. Printed on textured hard stock that's good for the senses! The cover jacket is a nice matt finish featuring an original painting by Rachel Blumberg. ENJOY!   


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Selecting "Buy Now" option will be a secure purchase from me directly. If you're outside the USA please emal me first about postage. Thanks.                                                                                                      Very proud to announce that INSOUND is now carrying my record. These guys love vinyl!

I'm very proud to announce that "Insound" is carrying my new LP. These guy love vinyl!

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