Barry Brusseau

The Royal Violent Birds 12'' LP-Black and White vinyl $12 - 1st pressing on stunning black and white 140 gram vinyl only $12

This is the brand new album, and it comes with a free digital download card. Stunningly styled and themed in Black and White. Reverse board jacket feels good in your hands. Reverse board sleeve with pictures and lryics. Like a David Lynch ride, and the 1st pressing vinyl comes in gorious half black and half white. Each record had to be done by hand, and we almost missed having these beauties for the release show. A severed ear in the middle of a seemingly perfect town, but when we go deeper.......                                 Track Listing: Side a  1. Pig Frost, 2. Across The Fire, 3.The Royal Violent Birds, 4.Love and Adoration, 5.Empty Head. Side 2  1.Home Sick Yawn, 3.Plymouth Fury 73', 4.Til The Wind Blows Everything 5.Pig Frost (reprise)