Barry Brusseau

GRAND HEAD vinyl LP - Digital Download included. 150 gra classic black vinyl with nice lryic sheet.

GRAND HEAD - Grand head LP   BUY NOW!
TEN TIMES THE THUNDER OF THE MELVINS, 66.6%  THE PERSONNEL!  Like Hellhamer from the 70's.  Two brothers out of Portland Oregon bring the doom and monster riffs with a hardcore slant.  No plodding 15 minute songs, instead this album contains 9 songs that will leave your ears bleeding in 30 minutes or less.  Raw and dripping with influences ranging from Black Flag, The Melvins, Celtic Frost, and Harvey Milk.  This is heavy on the riffs, and minimal on vocals, which sound at times like Cronos from Venom, and other times like  Jerry A from Poison Idea.   These brothers have been playing together a long time (mid 80's hardcore band Dread, and 90"s melodic punk band The Jimmies), you wont believe they make such a loud thud.  The vinyl comes with a nice pull out lyric sheet, and some rough sketch artwork from the guitarist himself.