Barry Brusseau

Nov 21 2017

Dropped the mix tape off today.  Gonna get it mastered, and get the lacquers cut.  You know I'm thinking of buying a record cutting lathe.  Seems a little crazy.  I realize that I have not done a solo show in a year.  Nov.11th 1016.  That was my last acoustic show.  I need to get back in the swing.  It scares me a little.  Rock-n-Roll's much easier.  


I'm thinking early next year for the album.  maybe march.

April 23rd 2017

No shows come my way, and I pursue no shows.  It all seems to be slipping away sometimes.  This clamoring for the "Dream".  The sensible thing, to let go of something that feels like one big worthless reach, a thing that has been your identity for as long as you can remember, is confusing.  It's the wrestling in the mind that tells you, we're trying to move on and the child inside is stuck, or, now is not the time to give up, keep fighting.  A snake sheds it's new skin with little trouble, no debate, no fight, because it's a good thing, a natural thing.  Not so with us, with me.  The shedding can take half or more of your damn life.  But are you having fun doing it?  That's what people always ask.  Sometimes, yes, sometime no.  Putting down the need to race after self-centered things feels like the message I should be getting.  I could be over thinking the whole thing too.

The work on the new album continues.  Next up is Trombone, and then just a song with accompanying vocal.  Then the one guitar songs.  I think we'll get it done this year.


My next solo show will be Nov. 11th at the Waypost. I will be support the record release for Raymond Anderson.  Show details!  give him a listen, he's great.  Raymond Andersen

FEB. 28TH 2016


May 8th, 20016.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Today I look forward to driving to Longview, and having a nice BBQ with my family. This being the most important thing: Family, folks who love you, and who you love.

The photo's above show me with the great players who are adding their skill, and heart to my next solo album.  Thing could not be going better.

I'm still working tirelessly on a collection of writings.  When this will be done I'm not  sure.

Now go spend some time doing something for somebody!

Top pic is Kyleen King and I.  She hit tape with the first intrument track for the new solo effort.  My rule for the record is: One vocal, one instrument, 4 tracks, and you can't use the same instrument twice.  Tis a challenge!  Give me the whole year to get this done.

The picture beneath that one is something very different.  Grand Head released out debut record.  The release show where a pleasure, and we thank all the bands we played with.  


                                             January 24th 2016

The image above is what I've been working on.  It is what has taken up most of my creative brain space.  This weekend we played two release shows for the record.  The Longview show and the Portland show both did not disappoint.  This is loud and sludgy.  Raw and Doomy.  A bit of Sabbath, and a bit of Black Flag.  Throw in some Melvins too if you like.  Go to the Gorbie Record Store for buy details or follow this link.  Grand Head's Debut.  Check out our website too  GRAND HEAD