Barry Brusseau

A Night Goes Through LP

  I put this site together mainly to feature the 12' record I worked so hard to complete. It is my solo debut, and also a little dream come true. Around the summer of 2005 I really started to take a turn in the music I was moved by. For most of the 25 some years before that, while I loved lots of styles of music, Punk, and Metal (black, death, thrash) dominated. I'd spent 14 years playing in my long time Punk band The JImmies (which came to an end in 2003), and Hard Rock outfit Legend Of Dutch Savage (which ended in 2006). Towards the end of LODS I really started to complile these quit subtle songs. None of these songs fit into the band I was playing in, and I was just to self-conscious, afraid, and lacking in confidence to try and perform them myself (I thought my singing sucked). My first plan was to get a good singer and just start a little side project. I was lucky enough to find a great singer and we started learning and recording these new songs. Meanwhile I was coming up with new songs all the time. I would make demos of them on my four track, and play them back for my wife. When she would listen to the samples of me singing my songs and then the other singers versions she said that the other singers versions lacked something. She encouraged me and told me that my voice was good, and my songs were great. So I should try and just do this myself. I set myself up with some voice lessons, and started the horrifying journey of getting out in front of people and playing (open mics).                   `                                                                                                     I grew up loving records. Coming home after buying one, and reading everything inside and out. Holding it while listening, and letting my imagination run wild. I decided that’s what I wanted to do, make the kind of record I would have loved to get. For two years I put $50 a paycheck away, so I could make the best record possible.  I booked time at Portland’s Type Foundry studio with Adam Selzer. I enlisted Rachel Blumberg to paint the cover, and using my photos I designed some nice lyric cards. The album also comes with a download card so you can get it on your ipod. Gorbie International Records is my dogs name and he runs the label. I tried to take all the right steps to make this a enjoyable experience for the music (vinyl) lover. I put a lot of work and heart into it and the money I saved didn’t turn out to be enough, but like Rob Jones (Jealous Butcher Records) told me “making a record is not an investment. it’s just spending money on something you love”. So I’m only charging $10 a record. Years from now I can hold that record and say “this is the most expensive record I ever bought”.